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tue, dec 9th-2008-9:37 pm


this is completely silly.


sun, oct 19th-2008-8:22 pm

death is a bitch

roughly a year ago, i was hold my dead aunt on a seemingly ordinary day. the sun shone, the sky was blue, the grass green and across the street the world moved on, not uncaring, but unknowing.

she was heavier then i remembered, but that was probably just the urn. i remembered stories, that a few bits of bone could usually be found in the ashes and had to resist the urge to check such things aren't socially acceptable, even, or especially among family.

the hardest thing about it all is the memories. she used to be bigger than me and the life of the party. now, she was just a ornate gold urn, weighing down arms while her husband dealt with the final funeral touches.

life may be weird, but death has it beat, hands down.

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tue, may 20th-2008-11:25 pm

stop and breathe

time has passed and some things have changed. not enough things perhaps, but several of the right things have changed for me to build an anchor to continue on. yes, that is vague, but it encompasses personal and professional levels, which i don't wish to detail, for personal and professional reasons.

the day job burdens of the past 5 months are done with and my summer schedule opens considerably. there's a lot i want to do, both professionally and personally and this looks like the summer to finally make these goals happen. but first a few days off to relax and clear my head and then a willing return to the drawing board.


fri, apr 18th-2008-2:08 pm


yes, yes, i'm still here, i'll never leave you. my love may be flaky, but it's like a buttery rich crust on a warm apple and you can't get enough of it.

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fri, mar 7th-2008-10:47 pm

i know, i know....

we don't talk much anymore and the distance is deafening. but i still love you and think of you often.


fri, nov 16th-2007-8:39 am


crazed clients club cool creations.

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fri, jun 29th-2007-10:01 pm

june 29th 7:38pm

i want to touch your iphone.